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I am already a client of ZOL under another internet package. Do I still have to register for ZOLspot?

If you're not on Fibroniks, you can buy prepaid ZOLspot access and when you register, you can connect your ZOLspot account to your existing account. Make sure you use the same e-mail address associated with your billing account. Also have your ZOL-ID to hand.

Can I connect to ZOLsecure?

Yes you can. Registered users can connect to ZOLsecure while unregistered users can connect to ZOLspot for registration purposes.

How can I pay for ZOLspot access?

If you're not a ZOLspot customer, click here to register. During the process, payment options will be made available to you.

Already a ZOLspot customer? Connect to any ZOLspot network and then log in and options to purchase access will be presented to you.


How do I access ZOLspot with my Fibroniks package?

First you need to link your device to your existing Fibroniks package. Login to myzol.co.zw or register if you have not done so. From the Main Menu on the left, click on “My ZOLspot”. Select “Add New Device” and follow the instructions.

How do I find the nearest ZOLspot?

ZOLspots are found at various Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, malls and airports. On the right is a map with locations or click on locations from the ZOLspot submenu at the top. You can also download the mobile app for your convenience.

How fast is the connection?

If you're on a prepaid ZOLspot account, the download speed is up to 5Mbps and upload speed is up to 1Mbps. However, if you have a Fibroniks package you can enjoy speeds matching the package on your linked devices.

I am an existing ZOLspot subscriber. With the new changes, what happens to my account?

Nothing changes. You can login via ZOLspot and ZOLsecure and your existing monthly subscriptions will still apply and you can top up like any other user.

What happens if I run out of data?

If you run out of data, when you log in or while you're browsing, you'll automatically be redirected to the payments page.

What is the different between ZOLspot and ZOLsecure?

ZOLspot is an open wireless network which allows anyone to connect while ZOLsecure requires users to have a username and password for them to access the internet. ZOLsecure also offers protection to your transmitted data from your device to the access point where as ZOLspot does not.

What is ZOLsecure?

ZOLsecure is a secured wireless network which allows registered ZOLspot and Fibroniks customers to connect to the internet securely. ZOLsecure gives you peace of mind as your Wi-Fi traffic is securely transmitted between your device and the access point. It's the recommended connection for ZOLspot and Fibroniks users.