Night Owl Service

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How Does Night Owl Work

You can opt-in to the Night Owl service to get night browsing data equivalent to your base data. This data is for use between 11pm and 6am. To sign up for this service you simply pay the following token fee in addition to your usual subscription.

Fibroniks Lite:
Ordinary Subscription: 40GB base data
Night Owl Subscription: 40GB base data + 40GB Night Owl data. Price available HERE.

Fibroniks Basic Essentials:
Ordinary Subscription: 50GB base data
Night Owl Subscription: 50GB base data + 50GB Night Owl data. Price available HERE.

Fibroniks Family Essentials:
Ordinary Subscription: 100GB base data
Night Owl Subscription: 100GB base data + 100 GB Night Owl data. Price available HERE.

***The Night Owl data cannot be carried over into the next month’s subscription. If you exhaust your Night Owl data, you will default to your base data. Night Owl data cannot be topped up. 


What is your Fair Usage Policy?

To ensure that all ZOL customers enjoy high levels of service availability, ZOL Zimbabwe employs a Fair Usage Policy. This policy forms part of/and is incorporated in the ZOL Terms and Conditions for Internet Service. The following information will assist you in managing your experience to ensure that you make the most of your ZOL Internet service.

1.    Why the Fair Usage Policy

As is the case with all broadband services throughout the world, ZOL’s customers share the available bandwidth capacity that connects them to world. The Fair Usage Policy exists to ensure that an optimum Internet experience is available to the maximum number of users at peak periods. The policy regulates the usage of one user over another at peak times so that Internet performance is not affected for the rest of the subscriber base.

2.    How does the Fair Usage Policy work?

ZOL leads the industry with the most innovative and dynamic bandwidth management system. Each subscriber is treated on an individual link basis and experiences varied speed priority based on both package subscription and recent usage profile. As a result, our unique system only applies traffic management to the heaviest users in each package class for the shortest period possible, during peak periods. This results in reduced speeds when accessing the Internet. Speeds return to normal based on the affected subscriber’s usage patterns.

The vast majority of our customers never experience active traffic management on their link, provided they are on a package that is suitable to their usage habits and requirements.

Important to note: Each customer’s usage trend during peak periods directly impacts their own speeds and not necessarily their neighbours’ speeds.

Peak period: 7am to 6pm. Usage outside these times does not affect Package Health colour.

3.    How will I know when the Fair Usage Policy is being applied?

ZOL initiated an Internet service performance measure represented as Package Health, to give users visibility into their usage. This is a basic step that allows users to better manage their bandwidth usage trend. The health icon is represented by a coloured bar graph. It can be viewed by clicking the Scroll for connection details button on the myZOL Homepage or clicking a chosen service's Manage Service button on the myZOL My Services page.

Health Tip: We recommend scheduling your downloads, updates and backups between 11:00pm and 06:00am. Doing this will not degrade your Package Health.

To view the helpful tips on managing Package Health, please click here.

To view the full Fair Usage Policy, please click here.