Migration from ZOL to Liquid Home

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# Why the migration

ZOL Zimbabwe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe (LIT) and will be going through an internal re-organisation exercise which will result in the transfer of all existing telecommunications services to its parent company Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe.

The re-organisation of ZOL Zimbabwe is part of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe plan to deliver top tier offerings that cater to your ever-evolving needs.

# What will happen to ZOL Zimbabwe

ZOL Zimbabwe will remain functional but only offering services other than telecommunications to Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe. Therefore, all telecommunication services will be transferred to Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe and there will be no interaction between customers and ZOL Zimbabwe.

# Tell me more about Liquid Home

Liquid Home is a sub-brand of Liquid Intelligent Technologies which offers high quality connectivity solutions for consumers. The solutions offered include fibre to the home (Fibroniks), fixed wireless access (WiBroniks), Voice over internet (VoIP) and streaming designed to connect the masses to the world of content, information, and knowledge.

# What changes should I expect to see with migration from ZOL Zimbabwe to Liquid Home

Expect to see the following:

  1. Shops will be branded Liquid Home
  2. Marketing materials such as billboards and posters will be branded LIT name
  3. Our contact details shown below remain the same for your convenience and any changes that will arise will be communicated accordingly.
    Area Email Address Phone numbers
    Billing billing@teamzol.co.zw 08677123123
    Sales sales@teamzol.co.zw


    Support support@teamzol.co.zw



# Will my ZOL ID change

No, your ZOL ID will remain the same for now and any changes will be communicated in due course.

# Are there any price changes associated with this migration

No, however any price adjustments that arise will be communicated as usual via your billing email address.

# Will my current package change i.e., speed

No, the architecture of your package will remain the same, maintaining the same amount of data, upload and download speeds.

# Will I be required to sign a new contact

No, you will not be required to sign a new contract. Your existing contract will be moved over to Liquid Home.

# How will I pay for my service

The methods of payment have not changed, visit Payments & Top-ups.

# I am on the Pay as you go package, will my data still roll over

Yes, data roll over period will remain the same and any data purchases made will be carried over to Liquid Home.

# Will I still be able to pay for my account from partner shops

Yes, payment into your account can still be made from Econet shops, Mark Manolis Sports shops and Ownai’s digital convenience store.

# Will I experience any downtime during the migration

No, you will not experience any downtime during the migrate.

# Will I still be able to access myZOL

Yes, myZOL remains functional and any changes that arise will be communicated in due course

# Who can I contact should I have further questions on this migration

# Additional information

As of 1 January 2022, all regulated Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are required to levy a 10% Excise duty across all services.