Content Control

  • Get complete control of your company's internet
  • Use as a bandwidth control tool
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Get the peace of mind you need when leaving your employees to browse the internet.

Do your employees spend more time on betting, gaming sites and social media more than on their jobs? Content Control allows you to manage that by letting you view top visited sites, block sites and apps for example, YouTube or peer-to-peer traffic at work.

You can also manage bandwidth by blocking sites which use a lot of bandwidth for example torrenting sites, YouTube etc.

How it Works

Content Control has more granular categories thereby providing more control over content. Access to any combination of web content types which falls under cetain categories is restricted.

  • Adult Content
  • Crime and Terrorism
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Malware
  • P2P and Torrents
  • Politics
  • Social Content
  • Streaming Applications