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# How to make Payment


Enjoy a more convenient way to make payment with ZOL. Simply follow these easy steps:

On the myZOL website,

  1. Login at
  2. Click the ADD TO BALANCE button.
  3. Select your preferred method of payment; Ecocash or PayNow.
  4. Fill in the form.
  5. Select PROCEED to confirm.
  6. Follow prompts to complete your payment.

On your myZOL mobile app,

  1. Select the menu icon at the top left of the screen.
  2. Login at My Account.
  3. Select Make a payment.
  4. Select your preferred method of payment; Ecocash or PayNow.
  5. Fill in the form.
  6. Select the tick at the top right of the screen to confirm.
  7. Follow prompts to complete the purchase.

# How can I pay for ZOLspot access?

ZOLspot vouchers can be purchased in three ways:

• From ZOLspot voucher Vendors who will be at most of our ZOLspots
• From an online payment platform where Ecocash and PayNow options are available
• From our cashiers at all our ZOL shops



# EcoCash Payments


Our biller code is 01866.

EcoCash bill payments should reflect immediately in your ZOL account. You can check by logging into myZOL and clicking on "My Payments".

Need a quick reminder?

  1. Dial *151#
  2. Enter your EcoCash pin
  3. Select Make Payment
  4. Select Pay Bill
  5. Enter our biller code 01866
  6. Enter the amount you'd like to pay
  7. Enter the numeric part of your ZOL ID
  8. Reviewing the transaction details, and enter 1 to confirm


Tip: To make it easier next time, here's how to add ZOL to your personal biller list:

  1. Dial *151#
  2. Enter your EcoCash pin
  3. Select Wallet Services
  4. Select Register Biller
  5. Enter our biller code 01866
  6. Enter the numeric part of your ZOL id
  7. Enter 1 to confirm

I don't know much about EcoCash. How do I register for EcoCash?

# Online Payments

For online payment solutions, please go to

# Banks' USSDs Payments


You can use the following Bank's USSDs to make the payment:

Agribank *277# BancABC *242#
CABS *227# Ecobank *245#
FBC *220# First Capital *229#
MBCA *299# MyCash *212#
NBS *202# Nedbank *299#
NMB *240# Stanbic *247#
Standard Chartered *200# Steward *210#

*For NBS and MyCash use the Mobile Banking Apps

Steps to settle bill:

Online Payment Options

  1. Enter USSD code/log into mobile banking app
  2. Enter your pin
  3. Bill Payment
  4. ZOL
  5. Enter the numeric part of your ZOL-ID
  6. Enter Amount


# Bank Deposit/Transfer


You can use the following Bank details to make the payment:

NMB Eastgate 240064332 NMBLZWHX
Stanbic Bank Nelson Mandela 9140002585595 SBICZWHX
CABS Platinum Club 1003140424  
Steward Bank Eastgate 1001967513 STBLZWHX
Standard Chartered Bank Borrowdale 0100212269000 SCBLZWHX
For USD Payments
Standard Chartered Nostro Borrowdale 8740412269000 SCBLZWHX
Stanbic Bank Nostro Nelson Mandela 9140001069933 SBICZWHX


For all customers that make direct deposits, internal funds transfers and RTGS payments into any of our accounts:

  1. We will need a copy of the proof of payment.
  2. Please clearly write on the proof of payment the ZOL Customer ID of the account to be credited.
  3. Then send a copy of the proof of payment to


# Econet Shops

You can pay for ZOL services from any Econet shop around the country. Please Make sure that you always quote your ZOL Customer ID (Account Number example: ZOL-00001) whenever you make a payment for ZOL services.

For a list of Econet Shops around the country, click here.

# ZOL Cash Payment Points

For walk in payments you can also visit the following payment points:


ZOL Head Office

  • Stand 592, Block C
  • Sam Levy Office Park
  • Sam Levy's Village, Borrowdale
  • Harare
  • Tel: +263 8677 123 123

ZOL Eastgate

  • 3rd Floor 
  • Green Bridge, Eastgate
  • Harare
  • Tel: +263 8677 123 123

ZOL Shop Borrowdale

  • Shop No. 23
  • Sam Levy's Village, Borrowdale
  • Harare
  • Tel: +263 8677 123 123

ZOL Shop Westgate

  • East Mall (opposite Pick n Pay)
  • Westgate Shopping Center
  • Harare
  • Tel: +263 8677 123 123

Mark Manolis Sports

  • Shop 10
  • Avondale Shopping Centre
  • Harare
  • Tel: +263 (4) 308114



ZOL Shop

  • Shop 6
  • Selous Building
  • Cnr Jason Moyo & 10th Avenue
  • Bulawayo
  • Tel +263 8677 123 123



ZOL Shop

  • 1st Floor
  • Fidelity Life Towers
  • Mutare
  • Tel: +263 8766 123 123

# How to Top-Up your WiBroniks account?


Having problem topping up your WiBroniks account?
Follow these steps below:

  1. Got to My Account choose My Services.
  2. Select MANAGE SERVICE and choose BUY A TOP-UP.
  3. Select the Top-up package you want.
  4. Select My Balance and select PROCEED.

For more detailed directions on payment and top-up methods click here.

For video directions on how to top-up from your phone click here.

# Can l pay my subscription in advance using the prevailing monthly subscription?

Yes, you can make payments in advance. Prepayments will be accepted on or after the publication of the Price Alignment Notification.

NB: All prepayments are done against an invoice.

# Will I still pay for the modem rental and insurance? If yes, what is the billing cycle for that?

Yes. The modem rental and insurance will be due for payment on the 1st of each calendar month by default. You will be offered the opportunity to state your preferred billing date by the 20th of August 2019 if the 1st is not favourable. Accounts will be invoiced accordingly.

# Will Internet access be affected by unpaid modem and rental insurance fees?

In the event of payment default, Internet access will be possible through already-purchased data. However, it will not be possible to purchase additional data until the outstanding amount is settled.

# Will the same grace period for payments that was extended to me in the past be maintained?

Yes. A five (5) day grace period from the due date will be extended to all customers.

Disclaimer: Any usage accumulated during the grace period will be accounted for on the monthly subscription or the next billing date.

# If I do not make payment for my subscription on time, will my billing cycle change to the date I make payment?

No. Your billing cycle remains static.

# Covered Areas


# Compatible Mobile Phones

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# What will happen to my paid-up monthly subscription for the month of July 2020?

Kindly note that all subscription payments are to be made against an invoice. Any payments made without an invoice will require a top up.

# Will my account be suspended on the 3rd of July?

All July invoices will be dispatched by the 3rd of July 2020 and payment will be expected by the 10th July 2020. Settlement reminders will be circulated on the 8th of July followed by disconnections on the 13th of July 2020.

# What functionalities can I access with the USSD option?

  • ZOL bill payment / data purchase.
  • Balance enquiry.
  • Mini statement.
  • MyZOL password reset.

# What happens if I made a payment in advance, will I be required to make another payment?

The value for the remaining period will be credited against the charges associated with Acronis.

# How will I pay for my service

The methods of payment have not changed, visit Payments & Top-ups.

# Will I still be able to pay for my account from partner shops

Yes, payment into your account can still be made from Econet shops, Mark Manolis Sports shops and Ownai’s digital convenience store.