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ROKU Setup

  1. Connect the HDMI Cable to the KWESÉ PLAY box and TV.
  2. Connect to power and switch on your KWESÉ PLAY box.
  3. Connect to your internet using Wi-Fi or your Ethernet Cable.
  4. Using a device of your choice, log onto the following website
  5. Enter the unique code appearing on your screen on the above website.
  6. If you are a New Customer- without an existing KWESÉ satellite TV account, select the New customer option, and follow the registration steps that follow.
  7. If you are an Existing KWESÉ Satelite TV Customer, select the Existing Customer option and use your account number to complete the registration process.
  8. If you are an Existing KWESÉ TV App Customer, select the Login option and use your registered mobile number and password to complete the registration process.

NOTE: New customers must enter the country code 922 when prompted.