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How reliable is Fibroniks

ZOL Fibroniks is powered by Liquid Telecom, Africa's largest single fibre network stretching over seventeen thousand kilometres. To ensure constant reliability Fibroniks has the following features:

  • Lightning and rain proof
  • Powercuts will not affect the fibroniks feed to your home/business - as long as you have back up power, Fibroniks will keep you connected
  • Fibroniks is future-proof too! Upgrades and speed enhancements are delivered remotely, always ensuring that we keep you ahead of the game. 

What else do I get on Fibroniks?

All our packages include:

  • FREE Landline number
  • FREE ZOL to ZOL calls (08677 numbers)
  • Cheapest calling rates nationwide from as little as 7.46c per minute

To enjoy this wonderful service get a ZOL phone for just $3.50 per month or $35 up-front. Alternatively you can swap your current landline phone and top up with $20 at any of our ZOL shops.

What is Fibroniks?

Fibroniks is the ZOL fibre solution with speeds of up to 100mbps:

  • Fast enough to stream HD TV from sites like YouTube and Netflix
  • You can watch live TV feeds
  • Video on demand and movies arrive in minutes instead of hours
  • Stream music from sites such as Soundcloud
  • The experience is nothing like ADSL or a Dongle – it's so much faster - it will change the way that you use the Internet!

With ZOL Fibroniks, you'll get access to the web in the way it was intended. Access web pages in the blink of an eye!

What packages are available on Fibroniks

Fibroniks packages are available for home and business use. For more information on these packages go to "Our Products".