What are Pop-up notifications?


Pop-up notifications are an additional communication channel ZOL introduced to provide pertinent information to you the customer in real-time. The notifications will appear on your screens as pop-ups whilst they browse from a ZOL internet connection.

These pop-up messages will provide the following user information:

  • Information pertaining to your usage, this will indicate the health of your account which represents the performance of your internet service.
  • Balance information for users’ packages, advising on how much data has been used and how much data remains
  • Billing reminders
  • Network notifications, to inform you of faults or other service disruptions.

This will help to address most frequently asked questions and queries you have regarding your accounts and usage.

When logged into myZOL, the Pop-up notifications can be enabled or disabled in the My Account -> My services page. You'll find this "CLICK TO ENABLE"/"CLICK TO DISABLE" button to the right of a Pop-up notifications compatible service, under the heading "Notification Preferences".

If you'd like a simple walkthrough of how it works click here.