July 2020 Price Adjustment FAQs

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What will happen to my paid-up monthly subscription for the month of July 2020?

Kindly note that all subscription payments are to be made against an invoice. Any payments made without an invoice will require a top up.

Will you be charging me for the first 2 days of the month and at what rate?

The first 2 days of July 2020 will be charged using the June 2020 pricing. We will prorate the charges as follows: 1-2 July (current prices) and 3-31 July (new prices). These will be on one invoice.

Does this affect my billing cycle?

No, your billing cycle will remain the same.

What are the new charges on modem rental and insurance?

Charges remain the same.

What are the new equipment charges?

Charges remain the same.

I would like to be billed in USD what do I need to do?

For a review of your invoicing, email billing@zol.co.zw with your request.

When can I expect the new invoice?

All July bills will be dispatched to customers by the 3rd of July.

I had already budgeted against your communicated price and I cannot afford the new pricing?

Kindly get in touch with us on feedback@zol.co.zw so that we can discuss the alternative packages available.

Will my account be suspended on the 3rd of July?

All July invoices will be dispatched by the 3rd of July 2020 and payment will be expected by the 10th July 2020. Settlement reminders will be circulated on the 8th of July followed by disconnections on the 13th of July 2020.

Have you resumed sales for Wibroniks?

We are currently registering expression of interest for connectivity in your area, please provide us with your connection address and we will let you know of the options available in your area.