Safe Surf/Content Control

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Safe Surf

Do you worry about what your children get up to on the web? The websites they visit? Apps they download? Worry no more! ZOL’s Safe Surf allows you to block sites and apps with inappropriate content ensuring that you have peace of mind. It lets you filter content by providing a wide range of options for children at different stages of development from.

  • "Kids (Recommended for under 13)"
  • "Early Teens (recommended for age 13 to 15)"
  • "Late Teens (recommended for age 16 to 18)"
  • "Adults (18 and above)"

You can find more specific details on what Safe Surf filters here.

Content Control

For the business user.

Do your employees spend more time on betting, gaming sites and social media more than on their jobs? Content Control allows you to manage that by letting you view top visited sites, block sites and apps for example, YouTube or peer-to-peer traffic at work.

You can also manage bandwidth by blocking sites which use a lot of bandwidth for example torrenting sites, YouTube etc.

You can find more specific details on what Content Control filters here.