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What is CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is a computer data protection and management system that continuously and automatically backs up every version of every file including deleted files. It ensures that your files are efficiently and securely backed up by compressing, encrypting and password protecting your files during the backup process. With CrashPlan you are able to access your files from any device such as your PC, tablet or phone, anywhere.

Why do I need it?

Technology is unpredictable, in a second your computer could crash, be stolen or you could accidentally delete important files. CrashPlan ensures that in any of these events you never lose those important files. As soon as your computer comes online, it automatically starts to back up your data for you. You can access your files from any device such as your PC, tablet or phone, anywhere. With CrashPlan you can protect those special photos, secure vital documents and save important videos - Forever!

How different is ZOL's CrashPlan from other cloud backup services?

  1. If you’re on the ZOL network, CrashPlan data is zero-rated. That means it’s super fast and does not count towards any data caps.
  2. Backs up every version of every file - other backup services only keep a backup of the current file.
  3. Keeps deleted files - you no longer have to worry about accidentally deleting files.
  4. Incremental back ups - After the initial backup, CrashPlan will only backup new files or files that have had changes made to them saving you bandwidth and time.
  5. Faster recovery - our data centres are on Direct Liquid Backbone connections meaning lower latency, faster recovery.
  6. Local telephone support 24/7.

How many computers can I backup with my CrashPlan home account?


Visit for home packages and pricing.

How do I signup for CrashPlan?

Already a ZOL customer - Login to myZOL, select “CrashPlan” to get started.

Not a ZOL Customer - visit our offices or contact us on +263 8677 111 111 or email us at

What packages are available on CrashPlan?

Visit for packages and pricing.