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21 August 2018

Customer experience is and will always remain one of the competitive advantages for any business, more so for us here at ZOL Zimbabwe. Our mission is to serve our customers. They are our most important asset. Our goal is not to make a sale but a customer. We aim not just to have the best service, but service that is legendary.

In order to provide the utmost convenience and service to our customers, we have established a multi-channel customer experience strategy. At ZOL, we take pride in ensuring that our customers have the best internet technology coupled with superior service. We understand the convenience of technology and have aligned our processes accordingly.

Mobile Applications
In an effort to ensure that our customers are well informed, ZOL has introduced the myZOL Mobile Application which is an interactive platform that keeps customers in touch with all that’s happening within the ZOL universe. The myZOL App enables customers to take control of their ZOL services and the most exciting part is one can access their account information, make payments, check usage, chat with us and get the latest test technology news from the comfort of their home, office or on the go. Download the myZOL App available on Apple Store and Google Play and register.

Live Chat
In that moment you require quick and convenient service, Live chat a software that enables you to have conversations with the Customer Experience Team in real time is your best bet. Live chat is a highly rated digital service channel as it ensures quick response to the customer. This in turn improves customer satisfaction levels due to the efficiency and real- time aspects of the experience. Live chat allows organizations to understand customers’ needs wherein chat scripts are reviewed to gain an understanding of customers’ expectations against what the service provider is currently offering. The organization can implement improvements to systems and processes in line with customers’ expectations. At ZOL Zimbabwe, the live chat service is available via the Website and Portal channels.

Contact Centre 
There are times when you try to contact ZOL and there is long call queue compelling you to hold for a long time. We acknowledge this inconvenience and now you don’t need to worry, we will call you back!
Once you attempt to contact us, our system will identify your number and return the missed call, during appropriate hours of course. This coupled with our intelligent system which provides you with priority when you call back are efforts of ensuring we provide you with the support you deserve.

During any service interruptions, we have instructed our Call Centre System to advise you appropriately. Whilst this communication is one way, we update you on further developments through ZOL portal page, Website and SMS Notifications. This is an attempt to minimize your frustration and keep you informed.

Our Customer Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Should you require any assistance Contact us on 08677123123, toll free when calling from ZOL VoIP (08677) and Econet Lines.
Always ensure that you have your ZOL ID ready for quick resolution to your query

Bill Payment
In the advent of online payment solutions, it has become imperative for service providers to open the platform to customers. Even more convenient, in instances where the solution allows for instant crediting of a customers’ account. Online payments are quick, seamless and hassle-free. At ZOL Zimbabwe, customers can pay monthly bills through Paynow, EcoCash (Biller Code 01866) and Bank’s USSDs for automatic updates to their accounts. The added advantage of automatic updates, clients immediately receive confirmation that their bill has been settled eliminating the need to send proof of payment to the Service Provider.

Customer Feedback
In instances, where you feel that your expectations have not been met, it’s important for the service provider to know. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority and customers should have access to digital platforms that enable them to provide feedback about your experience with a companys’ products and services. Electronic communication from ZOL Zimbabwe has an embedded Customer Satisfaction Survey link that allows our customers to rate the service and provide feedback. When you visit our walk in centres, kindly make use of the in-store terminals to provide feedback and recommendations This enables the business to focus on customer insights that require follow-up.

Social Media

Social media engagements with customers have become an integral part of the business. With the multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it is imperative that businesses establish their point of presence. In the case of ZOL Zimbabwe, customers use social media to view latest information, raise queries thereby increasing interaction with the brand.

For further information, you can get in touch with us on the following numbers:

Phone: 08677123123/ Email: feeback@zol.co.zw

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