Modernizing voter registration in Africa

9 June 2017

Elections are still a moment of quite considerable tension in many countries. It is a period which can give rise to uncertainty, demonstrations and confrontations.

All solutions which make it possible to improve the electoral process with the approval of the various political powers already in place are a form of democratic progress for the country, its constituents and often for neighbouring countries too.

When someone registers to vote, their registration data may be considered public record and available to a variety of individuals or groups.

Voter registration records typically include personally identifying information such as home address and may also include political party affiliation and other details.

It’s important for voters to be fully aware of how their voter information is used or even shared in their specific regions so they can make informed decisions over their privacy and safety when registering to vote.

From a local – and even international perspective – there is an immediate need to increase voter registration by implementing or considering the implementation of a more automated process which may allay the fears of potential voters who are concerned about their privacy.

Many countries are still finding themselves confronted with difficulties in registering and authenticating voters. It’s a familiar scenario in present-day African elections. 

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Source - IT News Africa