Why WiFi as a service is the future of business, retail and marketing

5 June 2017

*Article by Brad Fraser, Infoprotect CEO*

As the information age continues to deliver on innovation, constant change, and continuous improvement, tech journals are buried in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and various other common technologically driven services.

With connectivity binding all technology together, there’s one important service that must be considered for the future of business, retail and marketing; WiFi as a Service (WaaS).

WaaS is a high speed WiFi solution that is fully managed using cloud based management systems for connectivity, as well as the configuration of the WiFi network. WaaS is supplied on a subscription basis, and is considered the future of connectivity tech.

Brad Fraser, Infoprotect CEO, believes WaaS is crucial – but that it must be utilised in the right way. “Any WaaS implementation should comprise pre-built solutions for specific verticals. In the retail industry, for example, WaaS can assist companies in gathering analytics about customer interactions with technology touch points. This empowers the retail business to take action based on real information, received from real customers. The planning power that this offers is unparalleled.”

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Source - IT News Africa