ZOL launches ESET, 12GB up for grabs in #ESETQuiz competition...24 online users stand to win!

31 May 2017


To introduce its new ESET offering ZOL will run a quiz on social media under hashtag #ESETQuiz.

DATE: 01 June 2017

TIMELINE: 12noon to 5pm (6hours)

PLATFORMS: ZOL Facebook Page and ZOL Twitter Account

QUIZ FORMAT: An #ESETQuiz Question will be posted per hour from 12noon. This means that a total of 6 questions will be posted on Facebook and on Twitter hourly, with the last question being posted at 5pm tomorrow (01 June 2017). All answers to the #ESETQuiz can be found on the ZOL website www.zol.co.zw.

This means that the only way to win is to go on the ZOL website, find the answers fast and get back to the ZOL social media platform and be the first or second person to answer correctly.

There are two INSTANT giveaway prizes to be won per hour:

  • 1st Prize is 700MB ZOLspot voucher
  • 2nd Prize is 300MB ZOLspot voucher
  • Bonus prize 300MB ZOLspot voucher if the 1st or 2nd prize winner includes a screenshot and a link to where they got the correct answer.

HOW TO ENTER: To take part in the #ESETQuiz competition, you have to be the first or second person to answer the quiz question CORRECTLY and in order to WIN you have to: 

  • Be following the ZOL Facebook page or Twitter account
  • Make sure you use the hashtag #ESETQuiz when giving your answer.
  • Be the first or second person to answer correctly. (If you include a screenshot of the answer and a link to where the answer is, you win an extra 300MB).
  • You must give the answer VERBATIM from what is on the ZOL website which means you have to give a word-for-word answer to the question based on what is on the ZOL website. (If you choose to screenshot make sure you highlight which portion of the screenshot is the correct answer - in case your screenshot contains additional information unrelated to the question).

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The prices are INSTANT giveaways. ZOL will inbox or DM the voucher to the winners immediately.

  • The questions will be on ESET products, services and information on the ZOL website ONLY. If you get answers from any other source other than the ZOL website (you will have violated the competition rules).
  • This means if you are the first or second person to give the correct answer - you get your prize IMMEDIATELY via inbox (for Facebook) or DM (for Twitter).
  • If you included a screenshot AND link to where you got the correct answer, you get an extra 300MB IMMEDIATELY
  • If you do not answer the #ESETQuiz question WITHIN the hour - that question EXPIRES and no correct answers given after the hour has elapsed will be considered.
  • Every hour from 12noon to 5pm there will be a new #ESETQuiz question posted so if you fail one - you get another chance to try and answer the next question after an hour.
  • If you win in one round of the #ESETQuiz (say you win at 12noon), you can no longer qualify to win in the next rounds. (You may enter if you wish to but you no longer qualify to win)
  • If you win a 700MB ZOLspot voucher you must take note of the fact that it is VALID for 7 days FROM THE DAY YOU FIRST LOG IN. This means you can keep the voucher for as long as you like (for as long as you haven't used it but as soon as you log in for the first time....the clock starts ticking).
  • If you win a 300MB ZOLspot voucher, you must take not of the fact that it is VALID for 3 days FROM THE DAY YOU FIRST LOG IN. This means you can keep the voucher for as long as you like (for as long as you haven't used it but as soon as you log in for the first time....the clock starts ticking).
  • Please note that the ZOLspot voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • If you win, but do not know where the nearest ZOLspot to you is you can find download the myZOL app which will show you a list of ZOLspots in your area or you can check the ZOLspot Location Map on the ZOL website HERE.
  • If there is no ZOLspot in your area, you will have to forfeit the prize. However, there are over 300 ZOLspots countrywide and since you can keep the voucher for a long while (as long as you have not done a first log in) you may get a chance to find a ZOLspot in due course.
  • ZOLspot is an award-winning public wifi hotspot network that is accessible to ANYONE within the vicinity of our wifi signal. So you do not have to be a ZOL subscriber to use ZOLspot
  • If you are a ZOL subscriber, you cannot convert/transfer your voucher data to your ZOL account.
  • The competition OPENS at 12noon (CAT) and closes at 5pm (CAT). Responses that are provided after 5pm will not be considered and each #ESETQuiz question is valid for 60minutes and expires as soon as the 1 hour elapses - responses given thereafter will be discounted.

TIP: Since all the answers to the #ESETQuiz questions can only be found on the www.zol.co.zw website - why don't you head right over there and familiarise yourself with the site to get a headstart!

Visit www.zol.co.zw to locate the ESET page/product information and be ready for when the questions go up tomorrow at 12 noon. (You can even alert your friends and family members so they can take part too - unless you are afraid of the competition).

Source - MyZOL Staff Writer