Is your IT security top priority?

30 May 2017

Nowhere is the dictum ‘prevention is better than cure’ more accurate than in the context of IT security for businesses. In many instances, the need to cut costs has gradually taken precedence over the need for secured IT and data backups.

Unlike securing physical company assets such as office premises, vehicles or machinery and unlike securing physical documents in locked up filing cabinets – the securing of IT systems and data is usually low on the priority list.

In recent weeks, several high-profile IT-related disasters have exposed the lack of disaster preparedness within companies across the globe and highlighted the role of user error or negligence in making IT systems vulnerable to security breaches.

Incidents such as the massive WannaCry ransomware attack which affected thousands of companies in over 100 countries on 13 May to incidents like the grounding of British Airways flights on 27 May owing to a ‘major IT systems failure’ underscore that the era of cyber-disaster is upon us. In the case of British Airways, the IT disaster was attributed to a power-supply issue, which demonstrates how IT disasters come in many forms - from ransomware to power outages. 

Disaster can strike at any time therefore IT security should be a priority always. This week, ZOL Zimbabwe, the country’s leading internet service provider added to its comprehensive list of top-notch offerings, an IT security solution for businesses.  ZOL now offers ESET for Business to help local companies do more with their IT secured by a globally acclaimed IT security services provider.

In partnering with ESET to offer Endpoint Protection to local businesses, ZOL now provides an IT security solution from an established endpoint security vendor with over 100 million users in more than 200 countries and territories. ESET Endpoint Protection is an all-in-one security solution with flexible licensing that protects your company workstations, file servers, mobile devices and virtual servers as you require through a single management console. ESET benefits that your company could enjoy include usability, proactive detection, speed, rapid return on investment and low false positives, as detailed below.

ESET Usability: ESET software is easy to use and will ensure that your business gets on with what’s important to you. The simple controls and flexible design give you a better user experience and eliminates slowdowns that would impact your business.

ESET Reliability: ESET software ensures proactive detection and it is the first antivirus to break 100 VB100 awards since 1998. ESET is the best IT security choice because of its track record and singular focus on keeping systems secure. In short, because ESET is focused solely on IT security and nothing else – your business gets the best value. It also has low false positives and as of 2015, ESET had a 98% accurate detection with only 1 false positive in the AV comparatives false alarm test.

ESET Speed: ESET is light on resources, working fast and having the lowest possible footprint on your systems so that your business is not disrupted in any way. Not only is ESET software easy to use but it will not slow your hardware down, making it a solution that has low system impact.

ESET Rapid ROI:  By securing your IT, ESET lets you Do More with your business. ESET solutions free up customers’ IT resources and almost two-thirds of surveyed customers say they see a return on their investment in less than 6 months.

With offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Eastern Africa, ESET operate globally and have a sales presence in 180 countries worldwide – it boasts of technology that is among the best. For as little as $11 per month, ESET’s world renowned technology and award-winning products are now available to local businesses courtesy of ZOL.


Source - MyZOL Staff Writer