Are your kids safe online?

26 May 2017

Many parents take pride in their children being more technologically savvy than them. In numerous families, it is usually children and teenagers that are called upon to help with gadgets and tech tips.

Whilst it is good for children to master technology early, it is essential that parents ensure that their children are familiarized with online safety.

Unfortunately, many parents are not well equipped to properly supervise their children’s online activity because their children happen to be the resident tech-gurus in the home.

Home internet is a great investment that parents can make toward ensuring that their children acquire invaluable internet skills and digital literacy at an early age.

However, despite its many benefits, the internet can expose children to unsavory and age inappropriate content among other dangers.

Moreover, apart from lacking the technological knowledge required to effectively supervise their children’s online activity, some parents and guardians do not have much time to closely monitor children.

Generally, it is difficult and impractical to always keep an eye on children whether offline or online.

Parents whose children are increasingly being introduced to technology and the internet from an earlier age tend to feel unsure about what to do, where to go and about how best to protect their children online.

Thanks to technology such as ESET Parental Control offered by ZOL, parents can confidently supervise their children’s online activity even when they are away from home.

ESET parental control is one of the features of the ESET multi-device security package provided by ZOL to ensure that users can enjoy security and privacy online, however and wherever they connect.

This technology allows parents to safeguard children on smartphones and tablets or other devices, making it exactly what Zimbabwean parents need to secure their tech-savvy children.

With ESET parental control, parents can manage what their kids can see on their Android devices, set gaming limits, and use age-based filters to filter which apps children can and cannot access.

Parents can protect their children by blocking age-inappropriate websites and website categories, and still be able to reasonably allow exceptions at their children’s request.

Some parents are careful to limit the amount of time that their children can spend watching TV and set strict timelines for what time their children can stay up watching TV.

Similarly, ESET parental control enables parents to decide when children can play on their devices or enjoy child-friendly sites. The amount of online surfing that children do on school days or at night can also be monitored and timelines put in place.

Although the average family may have and share one computer, many homes have family members owning individual smartphones or tablets, laptops or computers which are web-enabled.

With ESET parental control, parents can protect every underage member of their family irrespective of the devices they use and ensure that they stay safe online.

By taking the time to familiarize themselves with the internet and related technology, parents will be able to understand the tools and websites that are popular with children of all ages and get an appreciation of the risks of being online.

Thanks to the ESET parental control feature offered by ZOL’s ESET for Home package, parents don’t have to struggle alone in ensuring their children’s online safety. The ZOL Eset for Home package will be launched on Monday 29 May 2017. 

Source - MyZOL Staff Writer