It's 1 million views & counting for Taps Mugadza's Hello cover

13 November 2015

While Adele’s latest single, Hello has been smashing records, the song has managed to put other artists in the spotlight.

A few weeks ago we wrote about the exposure that Taps Mugadza, a Zimbabwean artist, was enjoying through his awesome rendition Hello. Things seem to be getting better and better for Taps Mugadza. We just noticed in an article on Zimbuzz that his cover version of Hello has broken the 1 million views mark on YouTube.

That sets a record for Taps and basically every other Zimbabwean artist. Of course, it wasn’t just steam from Adele that got Taps Mugadza all these views. His version is pretty outstanding and has been listed by other publications like Buzzfeed as well as music and entertainment watchers like Billboard and E! Online as one of the best cover versions of the Adele smash hit.

Those are pretty strong endorsements and another indication of how far talent (and the power of the internet) can take you. If you haven’t checked it out, you can join the 1,180 million people who’ve watched it so far by clicking here.

- Technology Zimbabwe